It is a highly effective wrinkle filler that can plump your skin, giving it a more youthful and reinvigorated appearance. Radiesse is a minimally invasive injection placed under your skin. Almost immediately, this filler starts to go to work for you, adding necessary volume under your skin. Over time, Radiesse will continue to work for you, stimulating your body’s own natural collagen. For immediate and long-lasting wrinkle relief, Radiant Primary Care can help.

Why Radiesse?

It is an incredibly effective and viable treatment with benefits that include:

  • Immediate replacement and replenishment of lost volume, which stimulates the production of your own collagen.
  • Over time, the gel is absorbed by your own body naturally, leaving behind only your own natural collagen.
  • Radiesse is clinically proven to last a year or more!
  • High patient satisfaction
Before and After Radiesse 1
Before and After Radiesse 2
Before and After Radiesse 3
Before and After Radiesse 4

Your Initial Consultation

Contact Radiant Primary Care today and we’ll help you decide if you are a proper candidate for Radiesse. We’ll discuss your options and determine the best course of action to achieve your aesthetic enhancement ambitions.