Pacemakers (otherwise known as implantable cardiac rhythm management devices) are important technological apparatuses that help control abnormal heart rhythms. This technology is placed under the skin of your chest or abdomen, transmitting electrical impulses that encourage your heart to beat at a normal rate. For those of us who require pacemakers, it can be the difference between living a comfortable life and living a compromised life.

We Test Your Pacemaker Regularly

Regular tests need to be performed for your Pacemaker to ensure that it is performing at an optimum rate. Radiant Primary Care has the cutting edge technology and the expertise to properly diagnose and treat any irregularities, giving you the most comprehensive care available.

Your One-On-One Consultation

Contact Radiant Primary Care for your initial consultation today. We can help monitor and maintain your cardiac rhythm management devices, so you can live your life without compromise. We have the skill and tenderness to earn your confidence. Your heart is the heart of the matter to us.