We’re sure you’re wondering what the difference is between EKGs and Echocardiograms. Both are common tests that can determine your heart health as well as detect any potentially serious or threatening situations. Your physician at Radiant Primary Care might suggest undergoing one or both of these tests.


An EKG (electrocardiogram) is a very effective tool for measuring the electrical efficiency of your heart, making sure that it beats at a certain rhythm. The EKG will display the patterns of your heart as it beats in a visual way so that doctors can determine if there are any abnormalities. Doctors can better understand irregular heartbeats, changes in the thickness of the heart walls, as well as potential damage to your heart’s muscle and tissue.


Echocardiograms help doctors better understand the internal structure, size and shape of your heart. This advanced testing procedure aids in monitoring how healthy your blood flow is through echoing high-frequency soundwaves (better known as ultrasound) which create a visual image of your heart. It can also help diagnose issues like blood clots and infections, detect previous heart attacks, and indicate the velocity of blood flow as it leaves your heart, informing you and your doctor whether your heart is pumping efficiently.

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