There’s a lot that a healthy diet with less salt and proper exercise can do in giving you a healthier foundation to stand on, readying you for the interesting chapters of your life ahead. Radiant Primary Care can give you the comprehensive, concentrated care you need in monitoring and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

What Causes It?

A number of factors can contribute to this condition. Being overweight, being a smoker, being an elderly person, heredity, poor diet, kidney disease, as well as an inactive lifestyle can all contribute.

You Might Not Even Know

Many men and women may have high blood pressure and have never been diagnosed. They might not even know they have a problem until it strikes hard. Radiant Primary Care can provide diagnostic and management services that will keep you on the road of health, ready for whatever life throws at you. We’ll help keep your blood pressure under control and reduce your risk of heart disease as well as stroke.

Your Initial Consultation

Contact Radiant Primary Care today and we’ll assess and discuss your options and determine the proper treatment plan to get you back in the best of health.